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Ceiling fans are a necessity for any property in Sydney, ensuring proper airflow in our homes and businesses is about more than just staying cool, it keeps things like dampness and mould away. Given the importance of this appliance, it makes sense that you would want a qualified and competent electrician to take care of the installation of yours. Fortunately, Fox Electricians are just such electricians, with years of experience serving Sydney with high-quality electrician services. So, when you need a new fan installed, or your existing ceiling fan is playing up, give us a call!

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Any resident of Sydney will be able to attest to how important a ceiling fan is in the home. If this is something you need convincing of, we’ll go into why that is in more detail below. But ceiling fans are quite a bit more involved than simply changing a light bulb. Or even a light fitting.

Whether you need a new fan installed in a location where there isn’t currently a fixture for it, or you want an existing fan replaced or moved, we have you covered.

Ceiling fans can often seem quite mundane, largely thanks to the fact that they often just work without any fuss. They are still electrical fixtures, however, and any electrical system needs handling with the expertise of a qualified electrician for the safety of those who are going to be around it. That is why you should always call a qualified electrician to deal with this kind of thing. And, if you want one of the best Sydney has to offer, why not give us a call.

If your existing ceiling fan is damaged—especially if it is making unusual noises or “wobbling”, you should call us as soon as possible. Ceiling fans may seem like mundane fixtures, but they are, ultimately, a large spinning object that is hanging over your head! Any sign that something may be physically wrong—such as worn bearings or loose fittings—should be handled immediately.

Experienced ceiling fan installations and repairs

Why are ceiling fans so important in Sydney?

As mentioned above, ceiling fans ensure an interior space gets a good amount of airflow, which helps to keep things like dampness and mould out of the building. They also make living in that sometimes oppressive Australian heat that little more comfortable.

One of the lesser appreciated reasons why ceiling fans are important is the cost-saving effects they can have on your utility bills. Running a ceiling fan in conjunction with heating or air conditioning makes sure that the air is effectively redistributed, reducing the amount of effort your heating and cooling systems have to put in to warm or cool your property. Given the low running costs of a ceiling fan, this makes them all the more essential.

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