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When you have a problem with your emergency exit lighting, or you need new emergency LED lighting installed, don’t hesitate; call Fox Electricians today! We can have a licensed electrician out to you in no time, with the expertise and experience needed to deal with your issue fast, 24/7, anywhere in Sydney.

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Fire Emergency Lighting

Fire exits are important, but they’re only as good as your ability to find them. In the event of an emergency, you want your staff to be able to find that exit as easily as possible, regardless of the power situation in the building. That’s where fire emergency lighting comes in.

Short Circuit Faults

A short circuit fault, also known as shunt fault, occurs when electrical current deviates from its intended circuit with little or no resistance to that current.

Commercial, Industrial & Residential Emergency Lighting
For commercial, industrial, and rented residential property, there are often requirements for certain emergency lighting to be put in place, such as in locations where there is no natural light. This is to ensure that people can safely find their way out of the building in the event of a power outage.


What is the Difference Between Maintained and Non-Maintained Emergency Lighting?

When looking at emergency lighting solutions, you’ll probably hear the terms “maintained” and “non-maintained” at some stage, but what do they mean? The common (and, frankly, understandable) misconception is that maintained emergency lighting needs constant testing, whereas non-maintained emergency lighting doesn’t. In fact, both types of emergency lighting need consistent and rigorous testing to ensure they are up to the task. After all, emergency lighting is no good if they don’t work in an emergency!

The difference between the two types is that maintained emergency lighting are fitted with a controller, and can be switched on manually as well as left to come on in the event of a power cut. These lights are often in areas where people meet and need to be illuminated at all times. In contrast, non-maintained emergency lighting will typically be powered by its own battery, and will only come on when there is a power cut.

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After having other electricians try and solve my problem lights, Ali had it fixed first time, no fuss. He was on time, and had everything he needed to get the job done. I would recommend Fox Electricians to everyone!

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How Fox Electricians Works

Like all electrical work, we have an established system for handling emergency lighting, which includes;

Establishing the requirements of the client.

Inspecting the area the lights are to be repaired or installed.

Proposing the best solution to meet the client’s needs.

Carry out the electrical work in a safe and efficient manner.

When there’s a fault in your home or place of work, call the emergency led & exit lighting experts at Fox Electricians immediately.

At Fox Electricians, our licensed electricians are ready to take care of your exit emergency lighting needs, wherever you are in Sydney.

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