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A legal requirement for every home in Australia, safety switches protect you and your property from electrical accidents. We have electricians available 24/7 who are licensed to install safety switches. Call us today.

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A safety switch, also known as a residual current device or RCD, keeps an eye on the flow of electricity in a circuit. Under normal conditions, the switch is inactive but as soon as it detects a fault will immediately activate and cut off power supply in 0.03 of a second.
A safety switch is a legal requirement for every Sydney home and has to be installed by a licensed electrician. Fox Electricians have licensed technicians ready to install safety switches in your property today.
A circuit breaker is not a safety switch. While they both cut off power supply, a circuit breaker protects wiring while a safety switch protects people

Safety Switch Maintenance

One might think that once a safety switch is installed, it’ll work without a hitch indefinitely. While we use high quality safety switches that last a long time, we encourage customers to perform routine maintenance to ensure their safety switches are in proper working order.Regularly check the metering enclosure containing your safety switches to make sure it’s securely closed and free from dirt and moisture.

Testing your safety switch is easy and should be done once every 6 months. To do this, simply hit the “test” button on the switch. This should immediately cut off the power. If it doesn’t or you suspect a faulty safety switch please call Fox Electricians right away.

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How Many Safety Switches Should You Have?

A common misconception is that installing a safety switch on the power circuit is enough protection. As such many Sydney homes do not have the adequate level of protection.

At Fox Electricians, we advise customers to install safety switches on all circuits such as your hot water system, air-conditioning, lighting and pool.

The friendly and professional electricians from Fox Electricians are ready to test, install, or repair safety switches throughout Sydney.

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